Historic District Renovations in Jacksonville, FL

Every renovation project has its unique challenges. Nowhere is that more true than with historic district renovations. Not only do these projects call for careful work, but they also require stakeholders to understand the historic preservation guidelines for the area. 

If you plan to use cranes for a historic renovation in Jacksonville, FL, you must work with a company that understands these projects. At Coker, our knowledge of preservation measures helps ensure that you complete your renovation on time and within budget. 

Challenges With Historic Renovations

Historic district projects pose many challenges you won’t find in other renovations. The first is that because builders erected the structures long ago, there is typically little or no original documentation to help teams learn about them. 

There was also less uniformity in construction methods and materials decades ago, so no two historic renovations are the same. Consequently, construction companies often find it hard to source replacement materials.

Perhaps the biggest concern crews face with these projects is the risk of damaging a historic structure. This makes it difficult for owners and contractors to achieve the right balance between preserving the historic nature of the building and improving its performance, safety, and compliance with today’s building codes.

Because there are so many challenges with historic renovations, it can be tough to find construction professionals who can complete the work the right way. 

Board Approval Requirements

Municipalities require owners to have an approved Certificate of Appropriateness before crews begin renovating any historic district building or landmark. This requirement helps protect historic buildings. 

The owner must obtain a certificate for any of a wide variety of exterior work, including:

  • New construction such as additions
  • Demolition
  • Repairs
  • Alterations
  • Window replacement
  • Structure relocation 

Authorities can fine owners that fail to get a certificate. At a minimum, owners must pause work until they obtain a certificate, adversely affecting the project timeline.

Different entities may be responsible for reviewing applications for Certificates of Appropriateness, depending on where crews will perform the work. For example, in Jacksonville, FL, the Jacksonville Historic Preservation grants these certificates. 

This process exists to ensure that construction projects don’t alter irreplaceable structures in ways that lessen their historical significance or value to the community. That’s also why building owners must work with reputable contractors that have the expertise, experience, and safety certifications to conduct the work properly. 

For instance, owners who need cranes and rigging in Jacksonville, FL, should work with a company like Coker Crane & Rigging that they can trust to perform work efficiently but cautiously. The last thing anyone wants is for a crane operation or rigging failure to damage a historic building. And owners appreciate the support they get when collaborating with companies that understand landmark preservation.

Design Guidelines for Historic Buildings in Northeast Florida

Like many cities in the Eastern U.S., Jacksonville, FL, has multiple historic districts. Springfield and Riverside Avondale are two examples. Each of these districts has its own historic preservation requirements. 

Project managers must consider these guidelines when planning and executing a project. However, they should also hire contractors that have experience working on historic structures.  

Historic preservation guidelines cover many building characteristics, including the roof type and surfacing, ornamentation, primary exterior material, and foundation. And the requirements vary based on the type of building. You can find several different architectural styles in Jacksonville, including:

  • Colonial Revival
  • Queen Anne
  • Prairie 
  • Mediterranean
  • Classical Revival 

Each is an essential thread in the area’s architectural fabric and rich history. 

Cranes & Rigging for Historic Preservation Projects: Go With the Experts 

To ensure crews can complete your historic preservation project on time, within budget, and without incident, you’ve got to hire contractors that are familiar with the challenges. They must also be skilled at addressing them. If you need cranes and rigging in Jacksonville, FL, for this type of project, contact Coker Crane & Rigging today. We’ll explain how we can complete the work effectively and safely and provide a quote for our services. You can also check out some of our past projects covering a variety of services.