How a Logistics Team Can Simplify Your Next Project

Supply chain management has never been easy. However, changes in the last few years have made the receiving, moving, and storing of assets like equipment more challenging than ever. These are complicated, time-consuming processes; overseeing them takes time, effort, and an in-depth understanding of supply chain logistics.

Unfortunately, at many companies, this responsibility is assigned to people who have several other tasks on their plate. Consequently, they can find themselves overextended when their logistics management tasks are particularly demanding. That’s why organizations are turning to industrial logistics providers such as Coker.   

Addressing the 4 Key Areas of Logistics

As every project manager and logistics services expert knows, effective movement of assets is essential to project success. Several problems, from project delays to damaged assets, can occur if logistics aren’t handled correctly. 

Many continually evolving factors can affect where, when, and how equipment and machinery are moved most efficiently and cost-effectively. Our logistics services team has deep expertise in the four primary types of logistics management:

  1. Supply chain and logistics management. This discipline involves getting assets to where they’re needed when they’re required to ensure production or construction operations can continue without interruption. 
  2. Production logistics management. It’s common for companies to obtain more of a particular asset than they can immediately use. A second skill a logistics services team provides is coordinating the movement of items from storage locations to staging points, so they’re readily available when needed. 
  3. Product distribution management. This facet of logistics keeps points of sale supplied with finished products like equipment and machinery. It requires ensuring that providers can meet customer needs while simultaneously making sure temporary storage capacity isn’t exceeded by production output. 
  4. Reverse logistics management. The flow of equipment is a two-way street. Reverse logistics is the process of gathering returned items or retrieving assets like equipment when a project concludes, such as heavy equipment at a construction site. 

A logistics services provider that manages these tasks consistently and effectively can significantly increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Let Go and Let Logistics 

It’s no surprise that companies that streamline the movement of assets tend to perform better than those that struggle in this area. Coker is your source for logistics management and has the team to expertly coordinate critical movements to your project’s advantage.

In particular, organizations that leverage the expertise of a logistics services provider reap several key benefits, including that they:

  • Save time and money. With outsourced logistics experts dealing with various hassles—compliance issues, permitting, shipping delays, etc.—your team can focus on your core business. And because the logistics team is constantly “in the trenches,” they typically can resolve any issues that arise much more cost-effectively than an internal team can. 
  • Keep minor problems from growing. When an internal logistics manager has other demands vying for their attention, it’s easy for minor issues to become major problems. An outsourced logistics team helps ensure issues are resolved promptly and thoroughly.
  • Scale easily. When a business grows, its logistics management capabilities must expand with it. If you handle that function internally, that means hiring and equipping more employees. If, on the other hand, you use an outsourced logistics team, expansion happens seamlessly.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Asset movement issues can be stressful for companies that handle their logistics. But those that rely on a logistics services provider can relax, knowing that “Our outsourced team is on it.”

Choose Coker as Your Logistics Team

Effective logistics management is crucial to business success. Consequently, you must select the right industrial logistics provider. That means collaborating with a company that can:

  • Coordinate logistics when work volumes are at their peak
  • Resolve any logistical issues that arise
  • Help develop efficient processes
  • Manage reverse logistics
  • Provide insights on effective storage space utilization
  • Receive, store, deliver and set up equipment using Cranes, Forklifts, and a variety of other Rigging applications

In short, you need a logistics company that can go beyond being a provider and instead function as a trusted partner.

Coker fully meets that definition. We offer:

  • Acres of clean, secure outdoor storage area
  • Various indoor warehousing options
  • Equipment pickup from ground transportation hubs, seaports, and cargo bays
  • Receiving at our storage site
  • Timely delivery to designated work locations
  • Crane & Rigging services to make sure your equipment is in place safely

You Do Your Job, and We’ll Do Ours

As vital as effective logistics processes are for your company, they’re a means to an end. We provide expert handling of those processes so you can focus on other tasks. 

Contact Coker today to discuss your projects, learn how our logistics services can address them, and get a quote. We’re a trusted industrial contractor in FL and a leading provider of logistical assistance.