How to Select an Industrial or Mechanical Contractor: Top 6 Questions to Ask

If you’re looking for an industrial or mechanical contractor to assist with your projects, you don’t want to partner with just anyone. After all, your reputation is on the line. If your contractor doesn’t have the proper experience, you may face extra costs, missed deadlines, or injuries on the job. 

You need to find a certified contractor who can ensure your projects are completed on time, safely, and within budget. To do that, you’ve got to ask the right questions. Here are the top questions to help you find the ideal industrial contractor for your project. 

Does this industrial or mechanical contractor have the right experience for the project? 

Hiring a contractor who doesn’t have the right type of experience for your project can be risky. A contractor that has done the kind of work you need is much more likely to produce high-quality work on time. 

When you talk with a potential project partner, they should be able to answer your questions and address your concerns without hesitation. That includes outlining their plan for completing the work. You should also ask about similar projects and get references from past clients. If they’re unable or unwilling to provide references, that’s a red flag. 

Does this contractor have the right equipment? 

Are they equipped to do the required work, and do they have the necessary certifications to operate the equipment? It’s also important that they have experience using the equipment. In addition, you should ask about the cost of equipment and materials for your project. 

Can this industrial or mechanical contractor adhere to your budget and timeline? 

Don’t hesitate to ask the hard questions. Can they perform the work on time and within budget? How does the estimate for this project compare to past projects? What’s their approach to overcoming setbacks to stay on schedule and budget? 

Know that if they haven’t faced setbacks before, that’s a sign they probably don’t have much experience. 

Does the contractor have the right team? 

You want to work with a certified contractor with the necessary workforce to meet your needs. “I’ve got a guy out sick, so we’re a little behind on the timeline” isn’t something you want to hear from your mechanical contractor. They must be able to adapt to situations like that to meet their commitments. Also, if they use outside labor, it’s best to hire people they know, trust, and have worked with in the past.

What safety and training certifications does this contractor hold? 

Safety certifications are one of the most important things to ask about when interviewing an industrial or mechanical contractor. It needs to be clear that they understand the risks associated with your industry and have the latest safety certifications as evidence of that knowledge. This is particularly important if you work in a high-risk environment where job site accidents are common. 

The most critical safety certifications for industrial and mechanical contractors include ISNetworld, Avetta, Browz, and NCCCO. Make sure they have these certifications. Depending on your project and industry, there may be other certifications they should carry as well. 

Does this contractor have a safety plan in place? 

Safety plans are crucial. If the contractor doesn’t have a plan or say it’s an unwritten plan that their team understands, you should eliminate them from consideration. Not only must they have a written plan, but they should also be happy to show it to you. It should include details on their training protocols and certifications, which must be appropriate for the type of project you’re managing. 

You should also ask if they carry the appropriate insurance policies with sufficiently high limits to cover any issues that arise. Ideally, they’ll never have to file a claim, but they must have ample coverage just in case. 

Be confident in the industrial or mechanical contractor you choose. 

You’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is ongoing concerns about an industrial or mechanical contractor you’ve hired. 

The time you put into asking the questions above, contacting references, and doing other research on a contractor pays off many times over. You can be confident that your partner can do high-quality work on time and on budget and that you’ve got the right partner for future opportunities. 

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