Streamline Your Construction Project With a Turnkey Contracting Partner

Finding contractors in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia who work in a particular niche can be challenging. If you need specific experience, safety certifications, and skills, it’s even more difficult. That’s true for any project, but with large, complicated ones, the challenge is magnified. 

And when you need to find and manage several different providers, each with their own contracts, budgets, invoices, and payment trails, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can avoid that headache by leveraging a turnkey contracting solution. One contact. One invoice. And one team “pulling together” to complete work on time and within budget. 

How a Single-Source Contractor Can Assist You

Your company can capitalize on the services of a single-source contracting provider to make project management easier and achieve better results. At Coker, our experts can assist with a wide variety of services, including:

  • Equipment Storage & Warehousing Options
  • Foundation Work
  • Crane & Rigging
  • Steel Erection
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Millwright Services

And, thanks to the extensive experience of our team of professionals — industrial contracting and mechanical contracting experts, plant maintenance specialists, etc. — they can be productive essentially immediately. These are skilled tradespeople who can quickly assess what needs to be done and get to work doing it.

How Turnkey Contracting Benefits Companies

Your company could benefit from Coker’s turnkey contracting solutions in the following ways:

  • Accelerated project timeline. Bringing seasoned professionals into a project is the best way to expedite it. 
  • Greater cost clarity. Tracking and controlling costs is much easier when only one provider is involved.
  • Minimal operational impacts. Single-source contractors can work at times and in ways that minimize or avoid business disruptions.  
  • Streamlined project management. When you implement a turnkey contracting solution, the provider is responsible for coordinating its team members’ efforts, which frees you of duty.  
  • Consistent quality. A contractor takes the standards you specify and ensures their team meets them in all areas. 
  • Risk transference. A contracting company bears responsibility for the work it performs, taking some of the liability off your organization. 
  • Elimination of cost overruns (with fixed-cost bids). If your single-source contracting solution is bid on a fixed-cost basis, the contractor is responsible for any overruns. 

Of course, using turnkey contracting services successfully requires forethought and planning. In particular, you’ve got to produce a clear and detailed scope of work. 

But with that in place, the contractor can dive in, and you can turn your attention to other tasks. 

Why Companies Trust Coker’s Turnkey Solutions

At Coker, we understand the challenges facility managers and project managers face. That’s why our business is optimized to serve theirs. 

We’re a one-stop-shop for the full spectrum of industrial and mechanical contracting needs, as well as crane and rigging needs. Our focus on safety, commitment to attentive service, and extensive experience means companies can trust us with their most mission-critical work. And we’re known in the industry for completing projects on time and within budget. 

We’ve earned that reputation by following the same seven time-tested steps whenever companies come to us for assistance:

  1. Assess the engagement strategically.
  2. Conduct a thorough project analysis.
  3. Look for synergies with other/future projects. 
  4. Develop a plan for completing the work.
  5. Submit a detailed proposal and get the go-ahead.
  6. Conduct a project kickoff meeting.
  7. Deliver outstanding results and stand behind them.

While each step is critical, the last truly sums up who we are and what we stand for at Coker. 

Make the Move to Turnkey Contracting (and Make Your Job Much Easier!)

Say goodbye to the chaos of group-sourced work and hello to the simplicity and peace of mind of single-sourced projects. Contact Coker today to talk about your project and arrange for a detailed project estimate.