Top Questions for Your Cranes and Rigging Partner

Properly vetting your options for cranes, rigging, and lifting services in Jacksonville, FL is crucial to find the right fit for your project. Without the right partner, your project could face major consequences. If your partner doesn’t have the proper experience, you may face extra costs, missed deadlines, or worse—injuries on the job.

Thankfully, there are key questions you can ask to help make the best choice for your project. Follow this guide for questions to ensure an efficient process that leads to a strong relationship with your cranes and rigging partner.

Do they have the right equipment in stock?

Before you go any further with a potential vendor, find out if they have the equipment needed for your specific project. Typically, different types of cranes and rigs are required for different jobs. Once you’ve confirmed the vendor has the right equipment, you’ll need to know if they have the proper certifications and training.

What safety and training certifications do they hold?

If your crane and rigging partner doesn’t invest in proper training, safety incidents may happen on your job site. That’s a risk you don’t want to take. Ask potential partners about their operator training and certifications before you get started.

For example, at Coker Crane our operators are safety-certified through NCCCO, ISNetworld, Avetta, and more. Not only do we invest in the best safety certifications for our employees, but we also provide ongoing educational opportunities so they can create unique and personalized solutions to your problems.

What’s their experience?

Next, you should establish their past experience that speaks to the chance of this project’s success. Look for project case studies or client testimonials to confirm timely, on-budget completion of projects. Any customer service experience should be noted as well, to qualify their efficiency, friendliness, and industry knowledge.

Do they carry insurance?

Proper insurance is crucial to have on your job site. Many rental companies require you to carry insurance for your project. Service providers may fulfill insurance requirements for you. Knowing that your partner carries insurance will give you peace of mind that your company won’t have to take on the cost of the crane and rigging company’s mistake. A strong partnership is built on transparency. Both parties should agree to treat any unfavorable situations with honesty and integrity. 

Can they follow your budget and timeline? 

Finally, before committing to a partnership, it is important to establish an agreeable budget and ask how it compares to competing services. If their cost for a construction crane in Florida is higher than average, ask for justification.

Then, work together to find a fair timeline that works for your job and establish contingencies. Regardless of experience, every project has unforeseen circumstances. Ask your potential partner how they’ll handle these instances to remain timely and on budget.

Find the right partner for your cranes and rigging project.

At Coker Crane, our mission is for clients to feel confident that their project will be completed safely, on time and on budget. With over 50 years of combined employee experience in the industry, we provide the best service with prestigious safety certifications to ensure a smooth process. 

By investing in some of the most prestigious safety certifications in the industry, our industrial cranes in Jacksonville, FL will get the job done right the first time. Additionally, our NCCCO certification makes us one of the best resources for safe planning and execution of both simple and complex single- and multi-crane lifts. We are also committed to providing superior service to every client. From planning stages through to the final product, we work with you hand-in-hand to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Asking the right questions will ensure a crane and rigging partnership that results in a stress-free project experience. Contact Coker Crane & Rigging today to ask us these questions and get a quote today.