From setting HVAC units & new construction projects, to Industrial Facility Turnaround Projects, Coker does it all. We work hard to provide you with the best lifting solutions available and offer a wide range of services and equipment. Our operators are NCCCO Certified because experience matters, especially when you need the job done right the first time.


We start building relationships with our clients from our first interaction. During the initial planning phase, we develop the 3D lift plans and strategic solutions that all of our clients have come to appreciate and expect. We want to be a trusted partner for you and your project needs.

We work closely with all of our local bases including Kings Bay Naval Station, Naval Station Mayport, NAS Jax, and other government facilities. We have operators with DBids Badges for quick entry to installations. We are experienced in developing Lift Plans to meet or exceed Government requirements.

Let us solve your logistical problems by receiving, storing, delivering, and setting the equipment you need, when you need it. We have several acres of well lit, secure, outdoor storage, as well as indoor warehousing options, to help ease the logistical challenges for your next project. Our team will safely unload and store your equipment at our facility. Then, when you are ready for the equipment, our team will load and deliver your equipment to the job site. This helps reduce the risk of damage on busy construction sites, which often have very little room for staging. Let us be your turn-key logistics provider.

All-Terrain Cranes

Construction projects can happen anytime, anywhere. All-terrain (AT) cranes are versatile enough to be driven on public roads and on the job site, using all-wheel and crab steering. Our all-terrain cranes are specially built to handle all types of landscapes effortlessly, allowing us to complete construction tasks wherever we are needed. We offer a wide range of AT Cranes to best suit your next project. 

Rough Terrain Cranes

When searching for a crane to use on challenging job sites, look no further than our rough terrain cranes. The flexible, durable construction of these specialized cranes makes them suitable for even the most challenging terrains. Don’t let the landscape hold you back from meeting your construction goals, call us about our rough terrain cranes today! We offer Bare Rentals as well as Operated options.

Mobile Truck Cranes

At Coker, our mobile truck cranes are highly convenient as they don’t need to be shipped in and can be driven right to the construction site. These cranes have unparalleled lifting power that will ensure your construction project will be completed safely and efficiently. Request a quote today for all of your crane service needs.

Boom Trucks

Due to their unique configuration, boom trucks can lift cargo with a precision that is not found in other machines. We offer Boom Trucks with capacities ranging from 22 – 50 tons. Boom trucks can easily lift and transport materials to make the construction process easier, faster, and safer to complete. Call us today to learn more about our available fleet of boom trucks.

Industrial & Carry Deck Cranes

At Coker, our industrial cranes are used in a wide variety of construction projects. We can provide CarryDecks with capacities from 8-20 tons. These small but mighty cranes are perfect for your industrial site. They are available for Bare or Operated rental. So call us today to find out which of our cranes best suits your construction needs.

Specialized Rigging

Specialized rigging requires a range of equipment and experience to complete complex lifting projects. Our team of rigging specialists offers their services, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, to fulfill any of your construction needs. No project is too big or too small for us at Coker, so request a quote today to get started. 

Spreader Bars

Spreader bars help assist our talented crane operators in lifting heavy loads and objects. When loads are too difficult to move using a single point of attachment, our spreader bars work to make the job easier and more efficient. Contact us today to see our spreader bars and team in action. 

Man Baskets

At Coker, we want to ensure every project we complete is done professionally and safely. Our man baskets are essential as they help us safely transport our skilled team. No area is too hard to reach for our professionals, and with the help of our man baskets, we will complete your construction projects in a safe and timely manner. We carry a wide range of man basket options, including the highly requested Cantilever manbaskets which make getting into tight spots even easier. 

24/7 Service

At Coker, we want our clients to know they can depend on us. That’s why our fleet of state-of-the-art cranes and team of knowledgeable employees are available at any time of day. We will ensure that you have everything you need for your construction project, whenever you need it.