Unlock Efficiency: Solutions for Facility Maintenance

Facility managers, project managers, and other stakeholders understand that regular facility maintenance is essential to effective operations. Still, the process can be a source of frustration and irritation to those who manage it. 

In some instances, it may feel like nobody is “behind the wheel,” creating concerns that the work won’t be completed properly. That is especially true with large-scale projects. And sometimes, that potential problem becomes a reality, with poorly executed tasks requiring costly rework. 

Safety violations are another problem that can arise. That risk can keep management up at night.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to streamline facility maintenance and reduce everyone’s stress—working with a trusted third-party mechanical contractor. They learn about your goals and can execute the full scope of work on time, within budget, and without incident.

Common Facility Maintenance Tasks

Every facility is unique, but some of the more common facility maintenance tasks include inspecting and servicing: 

  • Lubrication systems. Automated and manual lubrication systems are an integral part of a manufacturing facility. Ensuring all mechanical equipment is being lubricated regularly and accurately can avoid downtime and lost production.
  • Air systems. As with gas systems, leaks in a compressed air system can hurt performance and be costly over the long term. Regularly checking lines, compressors, tanks, and other system components is crucial. 
  • Electrical systems. Ensuring that all the components of your electrical systems are operating correctly is important. In addition, annually assessing your systems may provide the nudge you need to upgrade subsystems like lighting to be more energy efficient. 
  • HVAC systems. Faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system components can cost you money and contribute to production problems. Having your HVAC system evaluated regularly as part of your facility maintenance regimen can keep minor issues from becoming major ones. 
  • Water systems. Water is an increasingly precious resource, so ensuring your systems are leak-free is critical. Regular assessment may also reveal opportunities for enhancing your water conservation efforts. 

Insights and opinions on mission-critical systems from experienced mechanical contractors like Coker can be extremely valuable. That’s particularly true since our comprehensive services are much more cost-effective than using different providers for each system.

Tips for Year-Round Plant Maintenance

It’s common for businesses to have an annual “shutdown” period during which they perform maintenance that is hard to tackle when the facility is operational. That pause can be very beneficial. 

However, it’s important to remember that year-round maintenance can reduce the risk of costly unplanned downtime. Handling minor maintenance tasks proactively also frees time during your annual shutdown for larger, more complex projects.  

Of course, regular maintenance takes time and resources that may be in short supply. That’s why many companies that conduct year-round maintenance have the work completed by third-party industrial contractors like Coker. 

Another advantage of this strategy is that the more often a contractor visits, the more familiar they become with your systems. As a result, they can better anticipate problems and propose solutions. Ultimately, the cost of regular facility maintenance from a certified maintenance partner is quickly paid by avoiding major breakdowns with extremely high price tags. 

And, of course, you look good in the eyes of your superiors for taking this approach!

Choose Coker as Your Mechanical Contractor

Coker has a well-earned reputation for quality work in several areas. For example, many people know us as a crane rental company. However, we offer much more than crane rental services. 

Our expertise covers an array of disciplines, including the skills needed for comprehensive facility maintenance. If you’ve ever searched for a single-source provider in this niche in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, you know that many companies have some of the knowledge you need. However, very few have the background to address all your maintenance requirements. Coker does

Working with us saves you time and money in several ways, including:

  • It eliminates labor-intensive searching for multiple qualified mechanical contractors to address different issues. 
  • It helps you identify and address problems when they are small and cost less to correct.
  • It reduces the risk of system downtime, which can be costly both financially and in customer goodwill and lost business opportunities. 
  • It establishes a partnership with industrial contractors who understand your systems and your business. 
  • It reduces the stress on everyone involved in facility maintenance and enables them to stay focused on other tasks. 

Delegate Critical Facility Maintenance to Trusted Experts

If you’ve always done your own facility maintenance, we understand that delegating that responsibility is a big step. But when you learn more about our background and capabilities, it becomes much easier. Our industry knowledge, experience with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, and ability to do excellent work under pressure are also reassuring. 

Start the conversation today by contacting Coker. We’re eager to assist and can address your facility maintenance tasks safely, on time, and within budget!