A local power generation station had two compressors located outside, without any kind of shelter to keep them safe from the elements. When they started to corrode from the salt air, they asked us to fix and relocate them to a new room inside.


We built a new compressor room and installed two brand new compressors, a dryer, and a new air receiver tank. We also fabricated all the new piping that was later installed into the new compressor room.

Our biggest challenge was strategizing the best way to move all of the equipment down stairs into the new room. Then, we routed the piping up through the floor to the compressors.


We used an extended boom forklift to install the new piping throughout the building. Then, we piped all of the equipment and ran tests on the new piping to make sure it integrated well with the existing lines. Once it passed our tests, we made our tie-ins to the piping upstairs. The client was very happy with the work we did.