Cooling tower
Installed cooling tower


Our client’s water-cooled condenser system, responsible for cooling water within AC units, became old and dilapidated, causing leaks and other issues throughout the local assisted living facility. The faulty condenser also caused individual AC units within residents’ rooms to function improperly. As a result, our client was unable to cool residents’ rooms.


We were allotted five days to repair the water-cooled condenser system. Our team evaluated the most efficient way to bring our cranes and equipment into the facility to minimize the amount of time that residents would be without air conditioning. Although piping was minimal, our biggest obstacle was working with large equipment and safely operating the crane around the building. Our team was able to successfully complete the project in three days, ahead of time, safely and under budget.


Once the facility’s equipment was taken out of service, we were able to flush mass amounts of sludge that had accumulated within the piping. Now, the client has new, clean water and equipment with maximized efficiency that will operate flawlessly for years to come, saving their minimal maintenance staff time and money. The client was satisfied with our ability to mobilize quickly and complete the project early, despite the tight five-day deadline. With our pre-determined strategy and strict adherence to safety protocol, we were able to go above and beyond for the client.