Our client, a local university, had outdated wells, pumps, and tanks supplying potable water to their campus that needed to be replaced. The school began to notice the signs of its aging equipment starting to fail. The goal became clear they had to reach out for help to avoid piping or equipment failure that would cause them to rely on expensive city water. We knew from the beginning that it was imperative for our work to be precise and accurate to avoid any downtime, and worse yet, contamination of the campus’ potable water supply.


To assist the client, our team spent months planning and coordinating the excavation, underground and aboveground piping, plumbing, and electrical system work with onsite construction managers and subcontractors. Despite the delays in receiving materials, our team was able to reach out to a number of different suppliers to facilitate our needs. With the help of those suppliers and the massive efforts from our team, we were able to complete the underground piping from the wells under budget and on schedule. With a quick call to our crane department for a boom truck and a few good operators with a heavy industrial forklift, we were able to secure and weld all exterior stainless steel piping. Stainless steel piping is the very best choice for sanitation.


The university received a state-of-the-art well water storage and treatment facility that was of much higher quality than their previous system. Our team was able to overcome several hurdles and efficiently solve all unforeseen issues with the procurement of materials and coordination with other trades. The client was very pleased that they were able to avoid any equipment or piping failures that could have led to costly repairs or the expensive reliance on city water. The high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship will continue to provide the very best product to our client for years to come.