A woodchipper
An employee working on the woodchipper


Our client, a global paper tissue manufacturer, needed to replace a 50,000-pound woodchipper at one of its major paper mills. The operation had to be completed safely and during the narrow timeframe of the annual shutdown to avoid a costly delay in the mill’s operation.


Using past experience and industry knowledge, we spent months planning and preparing for the replacement to avoid any setbacks or complications that might extend the project’s timeline. We put a step-by-step procedure in place to ensure proper timing, alignment, and safety on the job.

With the assistance of a 250-ton crane, we removed the roof of the chipper room and disconnected all guards, the drive line, and the associated structure. When the rotating assembly was completely disconnected we lifted it out of the building and began repairs to several structural steel issues that needed to be repaired before the new chipper could be set in place.

Once all repairs were made, the new chipper was put into position. With the assistance of the manufactures representative, we made sure the rotating assembly was within tolerance and began reinstalling the drive line and structural guards.


The project was completed in five days—two days ahead of schedule. Finishing the project early saved our client time and money, as it allowed the mill to return to normal operations faster than anticipated. We completed this project safely and our client was very pleased with our work.