Coker Crane's yard work site
Coker Crane's yard store


One of our contracting clients was working on a large project that needed logistical help with their mechanical equipment. They didn’t have a place to store the equipment, or a team to unload and inspect it.


To assist this client, we had the manufacturer ship all of the mechanical equipment for the job to our yard where we inspected, unloaded, and stored it. When they needed the equipment on-site, we loaded the equipment onto our semi-trucks, delivered it to the site, and set the equipment with our cranes and riggers.


The customer was pleased with the management of their mechanical equipment. We have five acres of outdoor storage as well as indoor warehouse storage, which is more than enough space to keep their equipment in top condition. 

Our facility is well lit, electronically fenced with video surveillance and storage insurance, which made the customer confident that we were keeping their expensive machinery safe.