Installing tanks at Mocama Beer Company
Testimonial quote from Hamp Tanner at Mocama Beer Company


When Mocama Beer Company opened in 2020, our team at Coker successfully installed all of the company’s fermentors and beer tanks. In late 2022, the brewery was operating at full capacity and needed to expand by adding multiple new beer tanks. However, Mocama is located in an old, restored historical building and its 25-foot ceiling and 19-foot beams could not be removed. Our team was tasked with getting creative and finding a way to install multiple 21-foot tanks without interfering with the brewery’s structure.


Because we weren’t able to rig off the building’s roof, our team heavily depended on a small and compact carry deck crane to assist in the project. We devised a plan to help us navigate installing the tanks into a tight space without compromising the building’s structural integrity. Ultimately, we had to bring the tanks into the building sideways and stand them up in place once they were inside. This required a lot of coordination, but our team was able to use its experience and expertise to successfully complete the project in two days.


Our team was able to install a total of three additional tanks into the brewery’s existing area while preserving the building’s historic structure. The brand-new stainless steel tanks fit perfectly into the tight space allotted for them. We were also able to remain within the project’s budget and minimize the original week-long timeframe by completing the expansion in only two days. The client is very satisfied and will now be able to operate more efficiently and accommodate more customers.

Kyle was great to work with while coordinating in advance of our equipment arriving as he thoroughly examined the building and the schematics of the tanks and essentially rehearsed the moves with his crane operator. The entire team are knowledgeable professionals and we will not hesitate to call on Coker for any of our future needs.”

–Hamp Tanner, Mocama Beer Company