Walk-in cooler exterior door
Walk-in cooler door


Multiple local public schools were in need of upgraded refrigerator and freezer unit replacements to improve efficiency and capacity.  With inefficient refrigeration systems, schools may be at risk of losing frozen food, resulting in thousands of children being left without lunch during the school day. The schools decided to take preemptive measures by contacting Coker to get the job done.


Our team removed all equipment and freezers from three separate public schools. We installed new Thermo-Kool walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigeration units with updated equipment. In order to eliminate as much downtime as possible before mobilizing the new units, we received all equipment in our shop before completing the project. 

Due to the start of the school year approaching, this project was only given a three-to-four-week window for completion. Our team doubled up on manpower and expedited this project, and was even able to demolish a unit and build a new one within one week.


The new equipment will require little to no future maintenance. The updated refrigeration system features new technology that will help prevent water leakages that could typically result in mold and other health risks for students and staff. Our team went above and beyond by finishing the project within a tight timeframe and delivering a quality refrigeration system ahead of schedule in time for the new school year. 

The customer was highly pleased with our work and expressed interest in partnering with Coker for future projects of similar nature. We look forward to using our Thermo-Kool certification in future coolers, freezers, and refrigeration system projects.