Yard work at Coker


For contractors working on government properties like Kings Bay Naval Base, coordinating equipment storage and setup can be a stressful task. The lack of lay-down areas for equipment at these job sites poses a serious obstacle for many projects. Without a dedicated space for receiving and storing materials delivered by manufacturers and access to flexible crane rental services, project timelines and costs will suffer. 

To simplify project logistics, these clients needed a one-stop shop partner that could receive, store, and deliver their equipment as needed while also providing crane services for on-site setup.


Coker proved to be the perfect choice for out-of-town government contractors at Kings Bay due to our strategic location and comprehensive range of services. We offered a facility to receive and store equipment in either one of our warehouses, or inside of our secured lay down area outside, along with delivery and crane & rigging assistance. Our employees have regular access badges to the base and the necessary licensing and bonding for secure storage of high-value equipment. 

Our fixed-cost storage and handling solution ensured projects stayed within budget, and accurate quotations based on project schedules facilitated seamless bidding. With an impressive equipment lineup, along with spacious indoor and outdoor storage areas, we provide a secure environment for expensive government and military equipment and assets, monitored by video surveillance.


Working with Coker resulted in significant cost savings and reduced downtime for our clients. Our team has successfully completed numerous projects for contractors at Kings Bay, providing services such as receiving, storage, and delivery for over a dozen projects. 

To meet the growing demand, we plan to expand our warehouse capacity in the next 12 months. Notable projects include the dry dock recapitalization for Kings Bay–a major overhaul valued at over $600 million, where we consistently provided storage, receiving, and crane services for nearly two years. At one point, Coker’s storage yard also accommodated a significant portion of a large LNG plant.

Additionally, we regularly provide storage services for Mechanical contractors. Our team receives and stores all electrical & mechanical components, chillers, RTUs, transformers, and more. This service provides contractors the ability to visit our site to work on their equipment. Our team efficiently handled deliveries and crane setups as required.

Overall, our comprehensive services, streamlined coordination, and secure storage facilities delivered successful outcomes for Kings Bay contractors, as well as any other contractors working in our area, establishing our company as a trusted partner for future projects.