Stadium project lift plan
Two photos of crane work for the EverBank Stadium sign changeout


The Jacksonville Jaguars underwent a sponsorship change for their stadium, resulting in the need for a quick rebranding effort before the upcoming season. The task involved replacing the existing signage throughout the stadium, including the challenge of reaching the top of the scoreboard at the center of the stadium. 

The project was under a tight timeline, and coordinating with trucking services to ensure smooth logistics added another layer of difficulty. Our client needed a partner with a reputation for safety and knowledgeable operators to handle the heavy lifting and intricate maneuvers required for the signage replacement.


The project timeline began in late August, just weeks before the first home game of the season. Our team allotted two days for the removal of the old signage and another two days for the installation of the new signage. We used a 250-ton crane for the project, which was crucial for reaching the high points of the stadium like the scoreboard. 

Additionally, two trucks with counterweights were used to stabilize our machinery and ensure a smooth execution. Despite the quick turnaround time, the project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget as a result of our team’s careful planning and resource allocation.


The project was successfully completed on budget and ahead of schedule in time for the Jaguars’ 2023 season. The client was highly satisfied with Coker’s ability to handle complexities like coordinating with trucking services, managing heavy lifting and maneuvering equipment in tight spaces. 

Our team’s attention to detail from planning to execution ensured a successful outcome for the client and played an important role in enhancing the stadium’s brand image. The success of this project solidified Coker’s reputation as a reliable partner capable of delivering exceptional results, even under pressure.