pipe-freezing euipment
A man giving a pipe-freezing demonstration


A local hotel faced a significant challenge with leaking faucets and outdated gate valves in their kitchen. Replacing these parts required shutting off the entire water supply to the kitchen. This could have disrupted kitchen operations, leading to potential loss of business, unhappy guests, and compromised service quality.

Our client needed a solution that would avoid a complete water shutdown and could be implemented quickly to minimize disruption to kitchen services. They required a partner who could respond promptly and work within tight timeframes.


Our team utilized a pipe-freezing process with CO2 gas to address the hotel’s issue. This method involves injecting CO2 into the insulated bags wrapped around the pipes, creating a block of dry ice that freezes the pipes from the outside. 

This allowed us to replace the valves without shutting off the water supply, avoiding significant disruption to the hotel’s operations. The pipe-freezing process eliminates the need for open flames or torches, enhancing safety by avoiding additional fire hazards. 

To ensure precision and speed, we used a hydraulic copper press tool to install the new valves. Familiar with the hotel’s systems, our experienced team scheduled the work between breakfast and lunch services to fit the hotel’s operational constraints and completed it within a single day. 


Our team completed the project on time and within budget. The hotel was very pleased with our quick turnaround and the minimal disruption to their operations. The new, reliable valves provided the client with peace of mind for future maintenance and emergencies, as they now have the ability to isolate the kitchen water supply if needed. 

Our prompt response and efficient work strengthened our strong relationship with the client, ensuring their continued trust in our services.