Spotlight: Coker’s Industrial Fabrication Services

When it’s your job to oversee a large-scale industrial fabrication project, the task can seem daunting. Finding someone capable of completing the job on time, within budget, and with no safety violations can be challenging. And typically, you have unique requirements, so you need someone who can think outside the box. 

Fortunately, there’s a proven solution: Work with a company that specializes in various fabrication services. As you research potential providers, look for one with a wealth of fabrication experience. They can bring that wealth of expertise to your project, ensuring the results meet requirements and exceed expectations. 

Project and facility managers find that capitalizing on Coker’s industrial fabrication services makes their lives easier and gives stakeholders precisely what they need.

Pipe Fabrication Services

One area of industrial fabrication services that’s always in high demand is pipe fabrication. Companies often need complex variations of process piping and associated components tailored to their specific requirements.

Successful completion of this type of project requires precise planning and the skills of an experienced pipefitting team. These professionals must be able to: 

  • Interpret plans and specifications
  • Provide insights on modifying or enhancing plans if requested/required
  • Fabricate and erect piping systems and structures
  • Test and troubleshoot fabrications

It can be complicated, demanding work that not all pipefitters are willing or qualified to tackle. Our involvement in a compressor replacement project for a power generation station is an excellent example. So is the replacing of two hot water tanks in the laundry mechanical room of a local hospital. We produced exceptional outcomes on these high-stakes projects. 

Why an Experienced Team Is Crucial

Fabrication and welding are disciplines where there is zero room for error. Contracting with a company not qualified to deliver flawless work can have severe and costly consequences. For example, poor welds may be characterized by incomplete fusion, lack of penetration, and porosity. And when welds fail, bad things happen.  

But let’s focus on the positive! When you work with a skilled and experienced fabrication services provider, you can expect the following:

  • Excellent durability. Unsurprisingly, high-quality fabrications hold up better. That’s especially important for those facing significant stress. You want to be confident that a system can handle the load you place on it.  
  • High performance. You’re investing in a solution, and a skilled provider can deliver one that performs as designed — and often, better than anticipated.
  • Increased longevity. Another measure of the return on your investment in an industrial fabrication is how long it lasts. Deep fabrication expertise enables a provider to produce work that endures.

Just as importantly, fabrication experts can deliver the benefits above safely, on time, and within budget.

Our work on the new piping for a university’s potable water system highlights the risks faced when work isn’t done efficiently and expertly. In this case, the organization relied on Coker’s specialists and avoided equipment failures, downtime, and the need to use expensive municipal water.  

Industrial Fabrication Services by Industry

Companies across many industries can and do benefit from fabrication services provided by experts. These include:

  • Construction. From shielded-metal arc welding to flux-cored and plasma arc welding, the construction industry leverages the skills of fabrication experts in several ways. 
  • Manufacturing. Virtually every product that contains metal and makes its way down a production line requires fabrication services in one way or another. 
  • Automotive. Carmakers use MIG welding to create bonds between thin materials, which is just one example of their fabrication needs.
  • Shipbuilding. Ships are marvels of engineering that leverage fabrication extensively, from bow to stern. 
  • Oil & gas. Building and maintaining rigs requires an array of fabrication services. 
  • Aerospace. Electrical arc welding is essential in aerospace construction and repairs.
  • Railroads. Railroad companies have depended on welding and other fabrication services since the industry’s inception.  

What’s your industry? Whatever it is, and whether you need ironworking, pipefitting, welding, millwright work, or another industrial fabrication service, Coker has you covered. 

Trust Coker for Your Next Project

As a leading provider of industrial fabrication and mechanical contracting services, we help companies throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia with critical projects. They look to us not as a service provider but as a strategic partner. We’ve repeatedly demonstrated our ability to collaborate on creative solutions to their most challenging problems. And when a project manager impresses their superior with a successful project, we know we’ll hear from them when the next need arises!

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