Mechanical Contracting Services for Industrial Plumbing

If you’ve ever needed and searched for a mechanical contracting company with industrial plumbing expertise, you know it’s somewhat of a niche specialty. Consequently, finding an industrial plumbing services provider that can complete projects (especially large-scale projects) safely, on time, and within budget can be challenging. 

Companies that settle for a mechanical contracting company that aspires to be an industrial plumbing expert often end up disappointed. They’re typically frustrated by the lack of a seasoned project manager and the poor quality of the work completed. Worse, they may have to contend with safety violations and their repercussions. 

Fortunately, there are mechanical contractors, like Coker, that specialize in industrial plumbing services.

Water System Maintenance

To keep water treatment systems functioning optimally and delivering a consistent supply of potable water requires regular maintenance. And given what’s at stake, this work must be done by a mechanical contractor who truly understands water system maintenance. 

Periodic attention from a water system maintenance expert provides several benefits, including:

  • Problem prevention. Issues like clogged filters can result in poor water quality, higher energy costs, and equipment failure. 
  • Improved system performance. Not only can regular water system maintenance prevent problems, but it can also help the equipment achieve and maintain peak performance. 
  • Extended equipment life. Even minor problems can damage equipment and shorten its useful life if allowed to linger. Identifying and dealing with them promptly can help system components last longer, saving you money.  

Pipe Fabrication and Installation

Pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, and reducers are the infrastructure that enables water systems to function. Because every facility is unique, companies typically can’t rely entirely on off-the-shelf industrial plumbing components. They have needs that can only be met through custom pipe fabrication by skilled ironworking teams. 

It’s a process that the mechanical contracting company must plan, schedule, and execute properly to meet the design requirements. Successful completion requires:

  • Specialized design capabilities
  • Testing expertise
  • Knowledge of applicable codes and standards
  • Skills in marking, fitting, cutting, welding, etc.

When North East Florida State Hospital needed mechanical contractors near Jacksonville, FL, they found Coker and were glad they did. We installed a new hot water tank, pipes, and other components in a highly efficient piping project completed in just two weeks. 

There are many mechanical contractors in the Jacksonville, FL, area, but the hospital chose us because we offer:

  • Welding and fabrication services at our shop or in the field
  • Full-scale steel erection services
  • Custom in-house fabrications
  • New construction and replacement modification services

HVAC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Another area where companies rely on mechanical contracting companies with backgrounds in industrial plumbing is HVAC system installation and support. Water-cooled condenser systems require regular maintenance and repairs as needed to ensure uninterrupted heating and cooling. 

It’s common for cooling towers and other components to be decades old and need repairs or replacement. And in Florida’s warm climate, extended downtime must be avoided. 

That was especially true for an assisted living facility, where we replaced a cooling tower that was leaking and had a faulty condenser. The client appreciated that we responded quickly and completed the project early while strictly adhering to safety protocols. They were also pleased that the outcome is a system with maximized efficiency that will operate flawlessly for many years to come.

Entrust Your Industrial Plumbing Project to the Experts

From water system maintenance and pipe fabrication to HVAC installation and service, facility managers in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia trust Coker. They know we have the expertise to complete work safely, on time, and within budget. 

Just as importantly, they understand that we’re more than a service provider. We serve our clients as partners and advisors committed to delivering outstanding results. 

How can we help with your next industrial plumbing project? Contact us today, and let’s discuss it!